Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mountain Bike Shoe and Cleat Tips

Mountain Biking is a lot more enjoyable for me when I ride with clipless pedals and shoes.  I have been riding them since Shimano first came out with them in the early 90s.  Initially I had a lot of problem with the shoes because the soles would pull off.  I have not had this happen since 2002.

Clipless Shoes

There are two types of Clipless shoes.  Shoes for 3 screw Road bike cleats and shoes for 2 screw mountain bike cleats.

Normally you cannot put 2 screw cleats on road Shoes or 3 screw cleats on Mountain bike Shoes.

Most Touring Shoes are 2 Screw Mountain bike style.

Mountain Bike cleats are recessed in the shoes to make them better to walk in.  The cleat is usually recessed into the sole of the shoe.

Moutain Bike 4 Screw holes.  Many mountain bike shoes will have four mounting holes in the mounting location on the bottom of the shoe.  This allows you to mount your cleats further forward or further back.  You will still only use two screws. I have always mounted my cleats into the forward two holes.  I want the axle of the pedal directly below the ball of my foot.

Lateral and angular adjustment of the cleats.

There is usually a lot of adjustment in the angle of the cleats.  This is accomplished by mounting the cleats but not having them tight.  Then just move the cleat to the position you want and tighten.

Cleats mounted too close to the shoe.  The Mountain bike shoe around the cleat recess can sometimes get in the way of getting in and out of your pedals.  You can move most cleats in or out on the shoe when the screws are not tight.

Do Not Try To Ride without Tight Cleats

If you try to ride with your screws loose you may be able to get into your pedals but the cleat will just pivot on the shoe when you try to extract yourself from the pedals.

Here is a link to Bike Parts Quick Clipless pedals and shoes.

I love riding, and I rarely ride anymore without being clipped in.