Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mountain Trails at Big Sky Montana

Mountain Biking at Big Sky, Montana

I spent a few days riding at Big Sky Ski area.  Ski area biking has changed a lot since the early 90s.  I remember the ski areas having a few Cross Country Bicycle Trails that zig zaged across  the hills.  Often these were just the original roads that were used to install the towers.

Lodge at top of RamCharger Lift at Big Sky Montana

Big Sky has developed a lot of Downhill Mountain Bike Trails off the RamCharger lift.  These trails are rated like ski runs as to difficulty and mapped.  They run the lift from 10 to 3 during the summer.

Many of the trails are Dedicated downhill runs.  My recommendation is riding with a full suspension Downhill bike with full body armor.   Rentals are available at the lodge.  I happened to be there with my light XC bike.  I had fun but some of the trails are a bit over the top.

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