Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Buying the Correct Tube for your Bicycle

There are a lot of different variations of bicycle tube.  Quick primer on getting the right tubes for your bicycle.

  • Wheel size (20", 26", 700" etc)
  • Tire diameter 
  • Valve stem type Presta or Schrader
  • Length of valve stem
If your bicycle has deep profile rims you may need a longer valve stem tube.  If you can measure the valve stem of your old tube.

The proper size tube is purchased to fit the Tire.  The width of the tire is the second number as in 26 x 1.75 or 700x25.  Tubes will usually fit a range of tires sizes.  For  example, Many 26" tubes will fit tires from 1.75 inches wide all the way up to 2.125.

Inner Tube Thickness

Most standard inner tubes are .9mm thick.  Super light or ultralight tubes will be between .6 and .76mm thick and are usually 20 to 40% lighter.

I always buy a couple of tubes so I have a spare or three around to carry in my pack.

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