Sunday, December 13, 2015

How to Save Money on MAP priced Bicycle items

MAP stands for Minimum Advertized Pricing.  It is being used by a several bicycle parts manufacturers and in many other industries.  Bicycle retailers and mail order guys cannot advertize these companies parts for less than stated or the Manufacturer will suspend selling to the dealer. Park Tool, Serfas, Lizard Skin, and many other manufacturers are setting and then enforcing MAP pricing.

 HOWEVER the retailer can still sell it to you for any amount.  

 Most MAP policies also state that the dealer may not put “Make Offer” or “Call for Price” or “Too Low to Print” in their listing or advertisement.

How to Get a Better Price Strategy
So any expensive item that you are looking to purchase that is MAP priced you will probably be able to get a better price by either making an offer, emailing for a better price, or calling for a better price.  In my experience you will not get a better price on a MAP item unless the retail cost of the item is over $25 or $30 or the item is very small and light to ship. 

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